I am naught

There is strength in needing others, not weakness. 

The admission of such ushered in a welcome turn of page in my life. To think I was capable of burdening my load myself was preposterous, yet I was deeply troubled by the thought of being too weak to handle my own lot for I yearned to be capable as one firmly in control and, moreover, indubitably capable of shouldering the troubles of others. To need another humiliated my unruly ego and I was fraught with with bitter and wounding self-reprimand.

Then, it dawned on me, and I basked in the glow of my realisation that there not only was no weakness in requiring another, but, rather, there was strength! Yes, strength! A most unusual but unmistakeable strength in admitting that I needed, nay, yearned for others. Sick with longing was I, and shamelessly do I now admit that without others, I am naught, and that indeed, we are naught but what we afford one another... 

Sieved and Filtered

For actions have consequences